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AI Talent Discovery, Screening, Matching

Reach to Engage 100,000's of hard to find Candidates

Interview AI Shortlisted, Qualified, Engaged Candidates

Instantly Reach To Engage More Qualified Candidates For Your Job Ad

No more spending hours or days posting your job to multiple sites. In 1 click, Target Advertise Your Job Ad to Reach & Engage 100,000's hard-to-find Qualified Candidates in the Largest U.S. Candidate Networks including TalentEinstein. Instantly Get Your Job Ad Seen By More Qualified Candidates.

Hire Better Faster

No more spending hours or days manually comparing which resumes make the cut. With our AI Platform, all incoming resumes are automatically Screened, Analyzed, Scored & Matched. Save & focus your time to Schedule Interviews for & Interview the automatically shortlisted, qualified & engaged candidates for your job first resulting in hiring better & faster.

Manage Candidate Resumes In 1 Dashboard

No more spending hours or days managing candidate resumes from various dashboards. All resumes from various internet sources and job boards we harvest for your job ad, are matched, scored and ordered in 1 dashboard for you to review, track, screen, interview & hire the most qualified candidate(s).

Pay As You Go

No more paying for extras you don't need. We offer superior value for all budgets. We can help you hire your next candidate better, faster & on budget. You can order resume credits to pay as you go for as many qualified matching resumes as you need to fill your job opening.

At TalentEinstein.com, "We Built an Intuitive & Powerful ATS that Helps Hiring Pros Hire Better, Faster & on Budget". Our primary advantage is our unique strategy for success that we bring to the table and time has proven it to be a Win-Win-Win for hiring pros, candidates & us. Everyone wins!

Post Smart Job Ad FREE!

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