Personalized Job Boost

Boosts CTR to 15% +6X the Recruitment Industry Standard

Boosts The Click Through Rate (CTR) of your Targeted Email Campaigns to 15% +6X The Recruitment Industry Standard, by Seamlessly Integrating's "Personalized Job Boost":.

Increases Candidate Interest—and Applications from Qualified Jobseekers 6X

Increases candidate interest—and applications from qualified job seekers 6X the recruitment industry standard—while saving valuable time with "Personalized Job Boost" TalentEinstein's most automated Recruitment Email product routinely delivering the highest click-through rates and expressions of interest from qualified job seekers for your job ads.

Maintains & Grows Market Share with Cutting-edge Technology

At our Core is a Cutting-edge Proven Superhuman AI Recruiting Assistant developed & perfected during the past 16 years driving unparalleled effectiveness in all our products including our TalentEinstein's "Personalized Job Boost" giving you a unique technological advantage over your competitors to maintain and grow market share and help more jobseekers find & land the right opportunity.

Eliminates the Guesswork

Job advertisers don’t need to manually enter targeting parameters or keyword search strings, or craft complex HTML code in the hopes that their emails will be opened and clicked on by the right candidates. "Personalized Job Boost" automatically sends targeted emails only to the right candidates who perfectly match each active/open job ad description, saving time and greatly increasing job ad performance.

Targets Motivated Candidates

"Personalized Job Boost" targets job seekers who have proven to be active and engaged with your brand or online.

Increases Engagement

"Personalized Job Boost" creates an optimized email template designed to invite job seeker interest and drive action. On average, 15 percent of email recipients click through to your job advertiser's job posting—a conversion rate six times higher than recruitment industry standards.

Best CPQA (Cost Per Qualified Applicant)

"Personalized Job Boost" ensures that your CPQA is $1, the best in the recruitment industry. Allowing you to fully utilize your internal resume database & external resume databases including TalentEinstein's to lower your job ad targeted email campaign expenses by 2X to 6X the recruitment industry standard and focus your resources more on relationship building & business development.

Optimizes Application Path & Provides 1 Click Easy Apply

"Personalized Job Boost" ensures that interested candidates find their way directly to the job advertiser's preferred application process. It also provides a 1 click easy apply, accurately parsing candidate resumes on the fly and automatically filling the candidate application including the candidate's contact information, education and experience.

As a business, you now need qualified applicants more than they need you, which is especially a tough challenge to overcome when you have an urgent need to hire. Offering below-market value for in-demand roles and skill sets in a candidate-driven market, can result in candidates accepting offers from competitors & possibly ghosting you. If your budget doesn’t allow for a higher salary, look into what other benefits candidates are interested in that you might be able to offer instead. Never miss out on a great candidate because your screening process is biased or you've added too many unnecessary required skills for the job at hand that hard-working, smart & passionate candidates can pick up in a reasonable amount of time on the job.

At, we built a Cutting-edge Superhuman AI Recruiting Assistant & Discovery Platform that uses Swarm AI / Hivemind AI to leverage technology & collective human expertise to match candidates with the right opportunities with incredible proven accuracy. Your hiring success starts here!

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