An Intuitive & Powerful Job Resume Matcher

The 1st & Only Job Resume Matcher that fuses AI, Big Data, Data Analytics & Machine Learning with Your Expertise to Instantly Find & Rank Matching Resumes For Your Job Orders Better & Faster than any other way!

See The Better Way To Match Candidates By Job Requisition Instantly with's Job Resume Matcher!

  • 1. Job Resume Matcher

    Automate your job resume matching.

    Get the 1st & Only Job Resume Matcher utilizing best of breed technology including artificial intelligence, big data, data analytics & machine learning infused with your expertise to instantly find & rank matching resumes for your job orders better & faster than any other way!

  • 2. Resume Sourcer & Job Ad Blaster

    Automate your resume sourcing & job advertising to harvest new resumes daily.

    Coming soon...Get a high quality resume sourcer that harvests resumes from internet sources, and a job ad blaster that posts your job ads to 100+ highest ranking job boards and saves new resumes in a centralized, secured repository for searching.

  • 3. Job Marketer

    Automate your job marketing to reach the right candidates.

    Coming soon...Uses a smart search engine to find the right candidates for your jobs and automatically kicks off an email marketing campaign to email the right jobs to the right candidates.

  • 4. Candidate Screener & Interview Scheduler

    Automate the candidate screening & interview scheduling.

    Coming soon...Automate candidate screening & interview scheduling to save time and focus your efforts on interviewing pre-qualified candidates

  • 5. Video Interviewer (VP)

    Conference, interview & engage candidates with VP.

    Coming soon...Download & install to directly conference or interview candidates via video using (VP) - a top of the line video conferencing app. Engage candidates with popular video features including fun job video ad creation, the snapchat-like face mask, fun voice morphing(sound like Optimus Prime or Bart Simpson), skype file/screen sharing, link sharing, youtube video download, video recording & more. Currently for windows users only, but other OS's & Mobile app versions coming in a future release. - An Intuitive & Powerful Job Resume Matcher | Terms & Conditions

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