The Only Artificial Intelligence Applicant Tracking System With Recruiter-like Intuition

Our AI ATS learns to behave more like you as you use it & has the only Job Resume Matcher that fuses AI, Big Data, Data Analytics & Machine Learning with Your Expertise to Instantly Find, Rank & Score Matching Resumes For Your Job Orders Better & Faster than any other way!

Strap-on Our Virtual Exoskeleton to Solve Challenges in
High Volume Recruiting

Grow Your Candidate Network With Automated Sourcing, Job Ad Marketing, Job Assessment / Candidate Screening & CRM

No more spending hours or days posting your job ad to different sites hoping to find the right candidates then searching for & sending matching job ad emails to 50% to 70% of the candidates who applied for the wrong job. Post an unlimited # of job ad(s) here for free. Order resume credits from us. You can then launch a jobs email marketing campaign and our Artificial Intelligence ATS will search, match & source new resumes for your matching active job(s) up to the # of available resume credits in your account. You have the option also for each of your active jobs to search & save each new matching resumes sourced from us into your account yourself using our 'JOBS RESUME MATCHER'. You also have the option of having your vendors, candidates & any job boards or sites you use email your resumes to your email address. Once you imported or sourced resumes from us, our 'Job Ad Blaster' aka JAB helps you instantly launch a 'Jobs Email Marketing' campaign to candidates you imported or sourced from our large job seeker network to give your job ad(s) instant targeted high exposure only to your candidates matching your job requirements. In 1 click Email Your Job Ad(s) directly to just your best matching candidates imported or sourced in your account from our large 100,000+ candidate network growing daily at 30K+ per month from our resume sourcer connections with the Highest Ranking General & Niche Job Boards as well as social networking sites like LinkedIn & speciality resume database sites like Best of all your candidates will receive in the email, a link to our automatically created job assessment exam for the job. Upon completing the online job assessment exam, your candidates & you will receive their score instantly via email. Emailing your candidates your best matching jobs for them along with automatically created online job assessments is our automated CRM approach of helping you grow your candidate network by maintaining a relationship that is mutually beneficial for you & your candidates.

Hire Better Faster With Our All-Inclusive Artificial Intelligence ATS

No more spending hours or days jumping from site to site to source candidates, manually screening & comparing a ton of resumes to decide who to interview. Save time by using our All-Inclusive Artificial Intelligence ATS to Automatically Source & Screen candidates then Schedule Interviews & Interview the most qualified candidates for your job first resulting in hiring better & faster. Plus bundled in our ATS is our exclusive Job Resume Matcher, with which we automatically screen, match, order and score for you all your resumes.

Import & Manage Candidates, Candidate Flow, Job Requisitions, Contact Lists In 1 Dashboard

No more spending hours or days jumping back & forth to manage your data points between various dashboards. In 1 Click, Import & Manage Resumes Sent to your Email Account, from anyone, job board, website. All candidate resumes from various internet sources, job boards, our candidate network we provide you for your job ad(s), are automatically parsed, matched, scored and ordered in 1 dashboard for you to review, manage, screen, interview & hire the most qualified candidate(s). Update Candidate's flow from acquisition to job offer, including candidate interview notes. Post, Edit Job Requisitions, assign a point of contact & activate/inactivate your jobs. Maintain point of contact lists.

Pay Less As You Go

No more paying for extras you don't need. Job Ad Blaster comes bundled with your TE ATS pass giving you instant high exposure for each job you post with us. We offer superior value for all budgets. If you need even more exposure & resumes, Save $100+ per job ad on premium job boards with 'Pay Less As You Go' aka PlayG... Email us at for more information. We also have a top notch internet marketing team which makes our resume acquisition cost one of the best in the market and we pass the savings on to you our valued client. We can help you hire your next candidate better, faster & on budget. You can pay as you go for as many matching resumes as you need to fill your job opening.

At, "We Built an Intuitive & Powerful ATS that Helps Hiring Pros Hire Better, Faster & on Budget". Our primary advantage is our unique strategy for success that we bring to the table and time has proven it to be a Win-Win-Win for hiring pros, candidates & us. Everyone wins!


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