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Post A Job Ad To Automatically Source, Screen, Engage & Schedule Interviews For Up To 150K+ Qualified Candidates Instantly

No more spending hours or days posting your job to multiple sites. In 1 click, Post Your Job Ad to Automatically Source, Screen, Engage & Schedule Interviews For Qualified Candidates Instantly using a Swarm AI / Hive Mind Platform that gives you The Best AI-powered Recruiting Assistant with Out-of-the-box Boolean Black Belt Talent Search Expertise in All Jobs & Industries. Automatically Leverage the Vast Expertise of Tons of Hiring Professionals and the Latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Algorithms to Discover the Right Talent for your Open Roles. No boolean skills required. Post Your Job Ad Now To Automatically Source, Screen, Engage & Schedule Interviews For Up To 150K+ hard-to-find Qualified USA Candidates in the Largest USA Candidate Networks & Job Boards including TalentEinstein.

Hire Better Faster

No more spending hours or days manually comparing which resumes make the cut. With our Swarm AI / Hive Mind Platform, all incoming resumes are automatically Screened, Analyzed, Scored & Matched. In addition, you get Automated Interview Scheduling which is another huge time saver. Save & focus your time on strategy and relationships. Interview the automatically shortlisted, qualified & engaged candidates for your job first resulting in hiring better & faster.

Manage Candidate Resumes In 1 Dashboard

No more spending hours or days managing candidate resumes from various dashboards. All resumes from various internet sources and job boards we harvest for your job ad, are matched, scored and ordered in 1 dashboard for you to review, track, screen, interview & hire the most qualified candidate(s).

Pay As You Go

No more paying for extras you don't need. We offer superior value for all budgets. We can help you hire your next candidate better, faster & on budget. You can purchase 1 Job ad or up to 120 Job ads at a time, to pay as you go for as many shortlisted, qualified matching USA candidate resumes as you need to fill your Job opening(s).

As a business, you now need qualified applicants more than they need you, which is especially a tough challenge to overcome when you have an urgent need to hire. Offering below-market value for in-demand roles and skill sets in a candidate-driven market, can result in candidates accepting offers from competitors & possibly ghosting you. If your budget doesn’t allow for a higher salary, look into what other benefits candidates are interested in that you might be able to offer instead. Never miss out on a great candidate because your screening process is biased or you've added too many unnecessary required skills for the job at hand that hard-working, smart & passionate candidates can pick up in a reasonable amount of time on the job.

At TalentEinstein.com, we built a cutting-edge AI-powered Recruiting Assistant & Discovery Platform that uses Swarm AI / Hivemind AI to leverage technology & collective human expertise to match USA candidates with the right Job opportunities with incredible proven accuracy. Your hiring success starts here!

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